Spoiler Alert – Hot Fuzz at the Movies

From the director of Shaun of the Dead.

Small country towns are always full of weirdos. If you find yourself in said situation, be mindful of the following:

  • The escaped swan will get the bad guy in the end if you don’t get him first.
  • Model villages with church spires are a lawsuit waiting to happen – but are also useful for impaling bad guys on.
  • The supermarket can be a war zone. Deal with employees throwing knives at you by creating a battering ram out of trolleys.
  • Putting on aviator sunglasses will lower your voice, change its tonal qualities and make you sound all bad-ass – save this for the worst case scenarios as once you lay the smack down on their country hick-asses, grannys with machine guns will come out of the woodwork.
  • If someone is stabbed in the throat with their own garden shears, it’s most likely NOT an accident.
  • There is always time to go to the pub for a pint or local store for a Cornetto, even if you’re an on-duty police officer. In fact, it’s probably a good idea as there’s nothing else to do other than sit at home and water your peace lily.
  • Men in black robes meeting in the moonlight will always be up to no good. Beware of their scythes – they’re extra pointy.

Also: snaps to Shelley for complaining about the lack of air-con and getting us free movie tix.


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  1. what about women in gold robes in the sunlight? Hmm… Also not so good! You should pics of your delightful cake you made at the competition!

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