All Movies Should Have Dancing

Truest statement ever. This post is dedicated to Alec.

Here are my Top Dancing Movies in no particular order

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Sarah Jessica Parker before she got all skinny. It also features Shannon Doherty with braces and Helen Hunt throwing out her best Cyndi Lauper dance moves and fashion statements including the cricket hat in the picture. Such style!

SJP also features in this gem. Kevin Bacon sure has his groove on as Ren, the new city kid who ends up in Hicksville. A tractor race proves his worth, and he boogies on down with the local rednecks.

This classic spawned some awesome songs, dance moves and fashion trends. I love it cos it’s a bit gritty, pretty nasty in places and very real. I mean, people really do start singing and dancing on cars in the middle of NYC streets, right?

Dirty Dancing
When I was young I thought this movie was about something nasty. It was a happy surprise to discover that as well as having great dance scenes and introducing a new, “dirty” kind of ballroom dancing, it was also the birthplace of awesome quotes like “Nobody puts baby in a corner”. Damn straight! Patrick Swayze trained as a ballet dancer during his youth – this movie made him a poster child for why men should take ballet lessons. Note to the guys – if you’re an awesome dancer, you can be an ugly dog and still get the girls. Patrick Swayze can dirty dance with me any day …

Strictly Ballroom
Paul Mecurio was also a ballet dancer before performing in this parody of ballroom dancing competitions. Big hair, fake tan and sequins abound. The story goes like this: a ballroom dancer wants to dance his own steps. In the world of professional ballroom, this is a sign that the dancer is off their rocker. Boy dancer meets girl wannabe-dancer, who teaches boy dancer to dance with his heart and use his own steps. Awwwww. Best movie quotes: A bit of musicality, please!” and “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived”. Damn tootin’.

Centre Stage
Great choreography, terrible acting. I love the dance sequences to Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai – I don’t love the cheesy lines like “You’re a great choreographer – but as a boyfriend, you kinda suck”.

Save The Last Dance
Julia Stiles does her best, but she’s just a great dancer. Or a dancer at all really. The dancing may be average, but the acting and story make up for it.

This documentary was created by photographer David LaChapelle and follows the story of clowning and crumping in the ghettos of LA. The dancing is fierce and fast – real people, real stories, real hard-core dancing.

The Company
Made in the fashion of a documentary and containing no actual storyline, this is an odd one. There is no lead actor, but Neve Campbell features in the ensemble – turns out she trained as a ballet dancer in Canada. Pity they didn’t use her for Save The Last Dance … The dancing in this is pure ballet and totally beautiful.

Mad Hot Ballroom
A doco following the story of children in NYC taking part in a ballroom dancing competition. The kids adorable to watch – they try so hard and it’s heartbreaking when the underdogs don’t win the comp (oops! Spoiler!).

Take The Lead
Based on the story of the man who started the ballroom dancing program in schools in NY. Antonio Banderas is a fine Latin man – can all Latin men dance like this? There are some great scenes blending hip hop and ballroom. Super-sexy.

Step Up
A teenage romance story that’s been told before but with some fabulous dance sequences combining modern-contemporary dance with hip-hop. I do love angsty hip hop dancers.

Snaps to Jessica Alba for her dance moves – no body-double needed here. It’s cheesy as hell but worth it for the dance sequences – and perving on Jessica Alba for those who are so inclined. I hear she’s kinda hot? …

Happy Feet
Penguins singing and tap dancing. If only all animals were so multi-talented. The dancers who “tapped” for the penguins are all Aussies. Snaps for the Aussies!

Bring It On
Technically not a dance movie, Sparky Polastri does say “Cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded”, so I guess it qualifies. A fabulous parody of cheerleading, with some amazing acrobatics and dance scenes. The expressions on their faces are truly frightening – ecstatic and totally devoid of thoughts of anything other than cheerleading. I give thanks to this movie for Spirit Fingers – a dance move that will never go out of style.

Billy Elliot
A little boy in a mining town in England wants to be a ballet dancer. You can imagine the small-mindedness that ensues.

Saturday Night Fever
Disco dancing + chest hair + Bee Gees music = a classic.

Shall We Dance

J.Lo and Richard Gere star in this sweet story of a middle-aged guy who has a bit of a mid-life crisis and decides to take ballroom dancing lessons.

Another awesome Aussie dance movie starring Adam Garcia. The movie is loosely based on (director) Dein Perry’s story as a tap dancer growing up in Newcastle. The only modern tap dancing movie that I know of, it makes dancing look all manly and sexy. Hence why all movies should have dance in them.

Worst Dance Movie Of All Time
… thus proving that not all dancing movies automatically rock.

Jennifer Beals can’t dance for a start. All of the dance sequences use a body double. There are also a lot of weird scenes with cars and metal grinding. Why? And why is this movie a classic? Some mysteries will never be explained.


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  1. The subject line of this post was heard uttered by the author late at night while sleeping, followed by a little giggle 🙂

  2. This is very much along the lines of my opinion, that all movies should have high speed car chases. Also, I see you’ve been a copy-cat, theme-wise.

  3. what about napoleon dynamite? ok, it’s not a dancing movie per se, but it has a killer dance scene at the the break-dance-fighting in zoolander must rate a mention.and the sparkle motion dance scene in donnie darko reminds all of us twenty-something lasses what it was like to be eight years old in the late eighties*.* attemptes to fudge the numbers to lie about her age and accidentally adds some years on.

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