I saw Shooter last night with Alec and Uncle Alec. It starred Marky Mark (AKA Mark Wahlberg these days) in a non-pants dropping role. Which made me sad actually, because Marky Mark isn’t much of an actor – and I miss his pants-dropping days.

Luckily for all, MM didn’t have a lot of dialog. His chief role was to look like a grown up boy scout – lots of solemn looks, peering intently down the barrel of a rifle and running shots that showed his fine running technique. I’m not sure when those furrow lines appeared in his brow. They sully his youthful good looks and make him look … squinty.

The plot of the movie was something about MM as a sniper who gets called in to help foil a plot to assassinate the US president. God only knows if it was a true story, most people would laugh at the proposal and offer the would-be shooter a hand … Want to get rid of GWB? Let me drive your getaway car!

A highly enjoyable movie, with lots of testosterone that got me nicely pumped and wanting to run in the snow with MM.


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