Spider-Man is a Whinger

I saw Spider-Man 3 last night at the Imax. I like my movies pretty cheesy, so the schmaltz didn’t bother me. What did annoy me was Kirsten Dunst being obviously dubbed in a singing scene, Tobey Maguire being whingy and the only hot guy in the film becoming deformed (sorry … I should have said “Spoiler Alert”). Don’t even start me on the gratuitous shot of Spidey swinging across the screen in front of a massive American flag.

Watching a movie at Imax is also distracting – you end up looking left, right, left, right, as your eyes can’t take in the whole screen at once. In someways this made the movie better as the effects were super shmick, but it couldn’t hide the fact that Spider-Man is essentially an annoying superhero. I did like the appearance of Topher Grace (from That ‘7os Show). It’s amazing how a weedy guy can be transformed into buff with the help of a discreetly padded lycra suit.

There were a few fun moments when Spidey turns to the dark side – evidently that meant brushing his hair down over his face and busting some Saturday Night Fever dance moves on the footpath in NYC. One of the only redeeming moments – all movies should have dancing after all.

Tobey Maguire is so little boy-looking – which may be appealing to the tween age group, but I much prefer guys who don’t look they’re going to sit in a gutter and cry if the going gets tough. Harsh, but fair.


3 thoughts on “Spider-Man is a Whinger

  1. You see a lot of movies Stines! I was thinking the same thing about Imax being too big a screen to watch a movie with so much going on.

  2. Yeah TM is lame. Makes spiderman seem all weak and weepy. Bah! Bad guys are always cooler, because they aren’t constrained by so-called “morals”.

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