Evening in Chatswood

L and I took to Chatswood for some late night shopping. We ended up eating more than shopping, but oh well!

The night markets were on.

Japanese pancake-type things with cheese in them.

Bloggers and their cameras πŸ™‚

Strange balls with crabs legs sticking out.

Mmmm praline nuts.

Cute stores like this one.

I want it all!

Then it was off to San Churro to introduce L to the best hot chocolate ever.

She becomes a convert.

Mmmmm healing elixir.


2 thoughts on “Evening in Chatswood

  1. hee…look at the intensity of the ever so eloquent photographing blogger! I think I was more like, just photograph this thing properly the first time, so I can dig in!And thank you (I think;) for introducing me to that hot chocolate! Absolutely the best I’ve had!

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