Bite Me

To catch up with Bev, who had been in Singapore for three weeks, Lisa, Bev and I spent quite a jam-packed day together. We picked Bev up from the doctor (she had woken up with a swollen eye) and stopped in Paddington for lunch and to pick up a handbag from Belinda’s.

Bev loves Bite Me on Oxford Street, so it is now my turn to blog about it.

I loved the interior, hence the millions of pics about to follow. It has a kind of a retro diner feel to it, but 100 times funkier.

Jumbo menu when we walked in.

Can the world be a burger place? The eternal question.

The menu. I don’t know why I liked it enough to photo it, but I did.

Super-cute little wash towel thingy.

Crazy pictures on the walls.

Awesome attention to detail. I love the tomato sauce bottle.

Side-tracked. Cute magnetic bookmarks Bev brought me back from Singapore.

Poor Bev has a woe moment about her bad eye.

Who invited these crazy bloggers?

Bev defends herself from the dripping ceiling while slathering the chips in sauce. That’s dedication to the food.

My lentil burger with haloumi cheese, tomato and rocket. I would have preferred more of a stronger cheese, but it was still really tasty. It was also my first vege burger since going vego. Burgers were one of my favourite foods in my meat days, and I have missed them like mad. Was the vege burger just as good? No. Was it really tasty anyway? Yes, yes it was 🙂

Bev is serious about tomato sauce distribution.

Lisa tries some spicy horseradish.

My new sunnies. Bev was so happy I got them she needed to take my picture. Several times actually, so I could see how great they looked. Thanks Bev!

Trying to take a pic of the three of us in the mirror.


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  1. Damn, I think I fell in love with that Annick Goutal Songes perfume in Belinda!Bite Me was fun! Heehee, crazy bloggers…so true!! I don’t know why I had to take pics of something I’ve already blogged!

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