Lindt Cafe

I had a quick stop in yesterday at the Lindt Cafe with Bev. It was my first visit there actually sitting down and ordering something.

The menus – duh – mainly chocolate, but with a few sandwiches. I decided to go straight for dessert, and had a shake with milk chocolate and blended Lindt ice cream, and a Lindt chocolate cake. They wore both pretty expensive, but still really tasty.

I remembered my camera this time, but forgot the memory card. Thankfully my iPhone is always there to help me out. Bless you iPhone.

Mmmm $6 shake. This would not have gone down well in Pulp Fiction.

Very thick chocolate mini cake. It was $6.

Shop filled with chocolate goodies.


2 thoughts on “Lindt Cafe

  1. mm Lindt is great, can’t believe you never go there when it’s right next to you! For shame… The iPhone pics turned out really good, and thanks again for lunch!

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