Dancers Are Strange

I’ve spent most of my life dancing. I’m also a bit of a fashion victim. So how is it even possible that I find what dancers wear to be truly insane? Am I getting old? Boring? Or, God forbid, unstylish?

Past trends have included wearing one – just one – leg warmer over a ballet shoe, leaving one poor leg without a cosy knit. I sense a lop-sided theme going on. Maybe anti-symmetrical is in for dancers and no-one told me.

I started back up at dancing this week. The new trend in dance fashion is to wear long pants, then roll up one – just one – pant leg, preferably to mid-thigh. I don’t get it. Does one leg have more sensitivity to the cold than the other? Is one leg clumsier than the other and more prone to tripping on long-hanging pants? Help me out here.

I noticed the trend on So You Thing You Can Dance last season, pictured below, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it also sprung up in my own dance classes. I would like to vote it as the most impractical fashion trend of all time.

Another stunner is long knee socks. I’ve only seen this on So You Think You Can Dance so far, which means it will be springing up in Australia in roughly March. Check out below for visuals. I’ll try and capture some with my sneaky tiny camera in class for a follow-up post.

This fellow here must be a master dancer. He’s managed to combine both trends. Very difficult to pull off, and must be awarded with the appropriate applause. (Golf clap).


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