Dinner At Longrain

For Brandon’s last night in Sydney we went to dinner at Longrain in Surry Hills. Longrain don’t take bookings (at least on Saturday nights like when we went), so we had to wait in the bar area for an hour and a half till they had room for us. The bar area was really funky and they served appetisers and amazing cocktails.

Longrain isn’t my fave restaurant – I tend to think it’s popular because it’s trendy, not because it’s amazing. I hate to be negative, but it’s just not the kind of restaurant I like. Firstly, I’m not a fan of the atmosphere – it’s quite loud, so I find it really hard to hear what people are saying. It also take s a long time to get food, so I would recommend eating in advance – we were there at 6, sat down at 7:30 and my food arrived at 8:15. By that stage I was so hungry I had eaten two bowls of plain rice out of desperation.

Longrain is a bit of a “sharing” restaurant, where you order big dishes between several people – except we ordered our own food, which arrived at stages, so some people got food straight away, and others had to wait 30 minutes. Not cool! I also didn’t think the service was great. Very poor in face, compared with other restaurants of similar price. I also thought it was over-priced. Alec ordered snapper – it was $50. For one fish – just the fish, with nothing else. He did say it was amazing fish though 🙂 Last thing I wasn’t impressed with was the lighting – really dark and none of my photos turned out after the sun went down.

On the plus side, we had a really great night. Really great friends and conversation.

Janice and Andy want their beverages. Stat.


Seb loves his beer.

More beer!

Janice’s cocktail.



Calman chugs back an oyster.

Dessert tray.


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