SYTYCD – Lost The Plot

I really lost my passion for the show last week when two of the best dancers, Kassy and Hilton were voted off. This week, it was the same old story, voting off the best dancers, who Jason even admitted were the most versatile, in favour of the other not as talented dancers, who were less versatile, to maintain diversity. Huh? What we’ve ended up with is a competition that gets weaker every week as the best dancers are kicked out.

This week it was Steph and Marko being voted out. Steph I didn’t mind so much as I thought she was pretty average, but Marko is amazing. By contrast, JD, the hip-hop dancer who was left in last week with Hilton voted out instead, completely screwed up his routine last night, yet is still in the comp. WTF? I also want to mention Laura, the dancing disco Barbie who is the worst dancer on the show, also survives to dance another week. So disappointing!

There were only two highlights in a bleak episode. One was the amazing Mary Murphy from the US SYTYCD show. She’s funny, sassy and loud, and owned Jason when she offered to throw him a pity party after he complained that he lost his hearing as a result of her screaming. Yeah, Mary! The other highlight was that Graeme and Kate made it through. Kate is easily the best girl dancer, and with Marko and Hilton gone, I’m glad we kept Graeme as well!