GoogleServe 2008 – Lane Cove National Park

I haven’t done any gardening in a loooong time. I am always in favour of doing good for the environment however, so I lead a small group of other Googlers to help regenerate some bush land in Lane Cove National Park yesterday.

We were given a very detailed talk on the park, its origin and uses in the community, as well as warnings on animals that might spring at us – namely snakes, spiders and jumping ants (WTF?!). Our mission for the day – to clear out noxious weeds in part of the wildlife corridor to clear space for the nice plants we actually want to help grow strong – things like wattle and banksia – the pretty ones I like to photograph.

Armed with huge cutting tools and some pink of posion with red dye in it to stop them growing back, we trekked into the bush and started a day of hacking and posioning.

This cute little ring-tailed possum said “Hai” before going back to sleep.

Alec weilds the mighty tools.

Ummm what am I meant to do with these again?

It was a stunningly beautiful day.

Chatswood in the distance, beconing us home to clean up and eat afterwards.

Whoops – spilt dye on shoes makes them pink. Lucky I like the colour!

I had an amazingly good time, getting out anger by hacking up evil plants, getting a good work out and being in the beautiful sun all day. I did get home and collapse with exhaustion, but it was totally worth it. Yay, we saved some trees today!