The Dark Knight

I was devastated when Heath Ledger died and have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time. I loved Batman Begins and was keen to see if the follow-up would be as good.

We decided to see the movie at Imax right in the middle of youth week. Not the best choice ever, but it was worth it! We did have to line up for a while to get in which was annoying. I don’t understand why iMax doesn’t sell numbered seats!

Back to the movie, Heath Ledger was undeniably amazing. He was such a cruel villain that he scared me and I had to look away several times. The movie is even darker than the first one and doesn’t leave the ending looking very positive for the future, it felt more realistic, if you can say that about a superhero movie.

Lots of people in line.

More people in line behind us!

Why hello there!

Ready for launch!