Happy Birthday Mum!

A very rainy cold day was not the best way to celebrate my mum’s birthday, but despite the weather we managed to have a really great day.

Alec and I met my parents and Tim #2 (a friend of my brother, Tim #1, who is staying with them for a while) at a King St Wharf restaurant in the city. I was too hungry and cold to photo the meal, but it was delicious and I sat under a very toasty heater, so i was a happy girl.

We adjourned to the nearby Lindt Cafe for dessert.

The birthday cake – a hazelnut, chocolate creation. Delicious!

The birthday girl.

Mum’s soy cap – with tasty chocolate flakes.

Alec’s dark hot chocolate – very French style!

Tim #2 and Dad share a laugh.

Our table of chocolate goodness.

Me and Mum.

Cold! Wet! Ready to go home.


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