Sushi-Ya Noodles

I met up with Beverly and Lisa to indulge in noodles in Artarmon. The place we were heading to was actually closed on Tuesdays (d’oh!) so instead we went to Sushi-ya, which was a few shops down. Coincidently, Sushi-ya is directly across from my fave pizza place, LCC. We have often looked at the menu while waiting for our pizza, but never stepped inside.

Sushi-ya is right near Artarmon station, and is extremely popular. Because we hadn’t booked a table, we had to sit outside in a squished table – on a Tuesday night!

My huge plate of vege tempura – 12 pieces including sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini.
Ramen noodles.

My potato cakes – deep fried with bits of corn in them.

My tempura was delightful, but I thought in all it was a bit pricey in comparison to other Japanese places we frequent. I will definitely be back though for another giant dish of the veges.