J.P.Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge

I haven’t entered a running competition since high school and haven’t run in anything over 200m since primary school cross country, so I can only think I was attacked by lunacy to decide to enter the J.P.Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. It’s a 5.6km run in Centennial Park – not a long distance, especially since I run further than that every day when I jog, but I forgot how different it is running in a race, even if you’re only running to have fun.

Team with their game faces on.

Me and the girls, numbered and ready in matching outfits.

The boys – including two marathon runners – insisted on wearing the “Noogler” hats – they did get a lot of attention!

Vin had the best number of all.

Team stretching.

Ready to run!

Waiting to start – many many people!

Moving towards the start line – go time!

I found the run harder than I thought I would. I got a really bad stitch after the first km mark, which then kept coming back for the rest of the run. Despite this and having to stop a few times when the pain got too bad, I still managed to run a pretty good time of 32 mins – so around 5.6 mins per km. Not an awesome time for any serious runners, but I was stoked! My goal now is to be able to run this speed regularly over this distance in preparation for future runs!


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