Rahmen Genki & San Churro

A Friday night catch up with Alec and Daniel took us to Rahmen Genki Japanese Noodle at Artarmon. I tried to visit this place a month or so back with Bev and Lisa, but it was randomly closed on a Tuesday night.

On a Friday night, it was packed out with a queue to order food – which leads me to one of the quirks about the restaurant, you order at the door then wait to be seated.

Lots of locals pack this place out.

The menu at the door and instructions.

Boys chatting and gossiping.

It was great to see Daniel. Loving the new hair and change in his wardrobe.

Despite being super busy, the food came out relatively quickly. It was super fresh and was served in very good-sized portions, for a very reasonable price.

Terriyaki chicken.

My stir-fried vegetables and rice. Delicious and cost under $10.

Alec’s noodle soup.

After eating we were peckish for dessert so head off to San Churro to introduce Daniel to their tasty treats.

San Churro change their menu frequently – and not for the better. This time they had changed their shakes and gotten rid of the milk chocolate shake that I craved. I orderd the only alternative, a dark chocolate shake, but it was far too bitter and strong. I stirred the cream into it and it was much improved, but not nice enough to order again. Very disappointing – not sure I will be heading back any time soon!

The shake in question – “Classic Cold”.

We ordered churros to share – Daniel highly enjoyed his first churros treat.

Alec in action.

Close-up of the delicious churros.

Rahmen Genki
6 Wilkes Ave

(02) 9410 3777
Closed Tuesdays

San Churro
Shop 609, Chatswood Westfield
1 Anderson Ave

(02) 9412 2276