Evening of Gluttony

Lovely Lol-isa has us all over for a big feast of nom-licious food.

Reading a very interesting article on Tiffany & Co.

Bev provided entree number one – cheese and tomato puffs, with ham in them for the meat-eaters.

Erm …

My special no-meat version.

Sigh. There’s no helping the hopeless.

Entree number two – pumpkin bruschetta. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but I just loved this!

Cheese tortellini for mains!

Multi-tasking for dinner.

Making myself useful.

The result – nutty pasta with asparagus. Delicious!

Who’s the cutest kitty of them all?

Dessert number one – banoffie pie! Second-last layer – bananas.

A layer of cream on top finishes it off.

Feed me now!

OMG so tasty!

Dessert number two was another mango cake. I’m addicted ….


Stuffed and needing to be carried.

Cute couple leaving us to move to Shanghai.

My awesome friends.

So full we can’t move.

Excellent host family. Thank you for having us over!

Chaotic group photo.