We agreed to baby-sit Misty and Star over the holidays for Beverly and Chris. They’re such crazy little critters, but adorable too.

They look so innocent … I lie, they look like sneaky ferrets, and that’s what they are! They got into EVERYTHING and ate a hole in the fly-screen door when I wasn’t watching them closely enough. I also lost one in a cavity in the kitchen cupboards (and lured him back with ferret crack) and one of them bit Alec on one of his nipples.

Add in my two dogs, and it was four crazy critters in the apartment – quite a lot of entertainment!

The ferrets were really no trouble – and it was hugely entertaining to watch them and the dogs interact. Kahlua was, of course, completely terrified, but Buffy wanted to make friends with them and couldn’t let them out of her sight.

Things I have learned about ferrets:

  • They poop a lot. All the time it seems. Poop, poop, poop.
  • They dig plants out of their pots.
  • They sleep for most of the day, usually upside down in the cutest positions.
  • They are completely silent! Except for incessant wheezing and sneezing that make me think they were choking on dust bunnies and rush to vacuum the floor.

The ferrets are moving to Shanghai shortly – best of luck with the trip fuzzies!

Star licks her little nose, pausing from sniffing out trouble.

Poised for trouble.

Zonked – too much mayhem makes for sleepy ferrets.

There were actually two ferrets, but the other one didn’t hold still long enough for me to photograph!