New Year Ponderings

I usually am the anti-NYE person. I avoid parties and large crowds because drunk, obnoxious people drive me up the wall. After a few days at home however, I was itching to get out and socalise a bit this NYE. Daniel wanted to show his Slovakian girlfriend, Hedviga, the fireworks, so Alec and I tagged along for firework-hunting adventure.

I haven’t attempted to see the fireworks for about eight or nine years, so it was a lot of fun! We caught the train to Milson’s Point and watched the 9pm fireworks over the side of a balcony of a garage that we stumbled upon.

We were planning to go back to Chatswood, pick up my SLR and drive to somewhere near Taronga Zoo to watch the midnight fireworks, but we met up with Aya and Matt Cooper for a while, then decided we couldn’t be bothered to go back to Chatswood. Instead, we stumbled across an alley near Luna Park that had an amazing view of the bridge. We set up here on an electrical box at about 11pm, and waited, waited, waited…

Our patience was rewarded with stunning fireworks over the harbour. I managed to get some semi-decent photos by balancing my little snappy-cam on a stop sign near the electrical box.

The mood in the city was just electric – and chaotic! So many crazy people, mostly just enjoying themselves.

Getting home was quite the challenge. Milson’s Point station was closed to avoid people getting crushed, so we walked to North Sydney station – where we ended up getting a very slow bus back to Chatswood.

I had such a great night – the fireworks were just stunning and the company was a lot of fun too.

Me and Alec, at midnight.

New Year Resolutions
I try not to make any as I invariably fail, but here I go:
  • Eat less
  • Exercise more
  • Find something that I love doing
  • Do only one thing at a time
  • Stop nagging Alec
  • Shop less, save more
  • Be a kinder, gentler person
  • Take more photos on my DSLR
  • Enter more photography competitions
  • Write more – for myself, not work
Great Things To Look Forward To In 2009
  • Europe / USA trip in July. I can’t wait!
  • Beverly’s wedding in August
  • My 30th birthday in Singapore
  • Shelleys’ wedding in December
  • Mel’s wedding in December
  • Possible Bora Bora trip in October
  • New house and living with the puppies again