Shelley’s Wedding

Shelley’s wedding day – it was hard to beleive the day was actually here! I woke up early – 6am – full of nerves for the bride. We were at the salon by 8am getting our hair done, and I started to feel better once I ate! Everything ran smoothly and it was a lovely day 🙂

Hair and make-up – done!
Ready to go to the chapel!
Walking down the aisle.
The beautiful bride.
Signing the register.
Entering the reception venue.
Yay! Married!
Me and Rosalie.
Colour-co-ordinated school friends.
My favourite micro person, Chiara, sporting her new mohawk.
My wonderful fiancee. He was so amazing, taking care of my friends, taking photos for us. Thank you Alec, I can’t wait till it’s our turn!

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