A Very Poochy Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit.


Welcome Summer!

Sydney is suddenly tropical. Stinking hot days, followed by days of non-stop rain.

I can’t wait till Christmas this year. After last year’s insanity of planning a wedding, this year is looking calm and relaxed by comparison.

Yayyyy summer!

Family outing at Manly

BFFs at Balmain


RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2010

My favourite day of the year isn’t my birthday, it isn’t Christmas, and, despite what Alec thinks, it’s not the chocolate holiday otherwise known as Easter. It’s actually the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk.

I’ve attended the walk for the past six or so years since Kahlua came to live with us. I’m not sure how much the dogs actually enjoy going and being around thousands of other dogs and people, but it’s one of my highlights every year because it’s the one day where you get to see so many animals lovers en masse.

I am a huge supporter of the RSPCA and have a difficult time hearing about how cruel people can be to animals and the numbers that are dumped and put to an early death every year. This one day is the day that restores my belief that there are also a lot of people out there like me and Alec who really love animals. This year the walk is at Homebush again, starting at the Olympic Cauldron.

Go pooches, go!

This tiny pug was smaller than Alec’s hand.

Well, it has paws …

Kahlua hitches a ride.

The girls walk in tandem.

I’m a sucker for the cute, funny-looking dogs.

Buffy wants to be picked up!

Happy Million Paws Walk Day everyone!

Woof – The Dogs Settle In

I’m loving having the dogs living with us. They’re settling in more and more and their personalities are coming out again. Kahlua has been extremely happy as well (she can be moody and depressed, so it’s great seeing her so happy all the time). I play games with Kahlua each morning when we get up. She likes playing fetch with her rope – I captured her playing in the little videos below.

The Pooches Are Here!

The doggies moved in on the weekend – cue sleepless nights and animal chaos!

The girls went a bit nuts for a few hours, then Kahlua settled down, and Buffy continued to go nuts. Once she discovered the cat, she wouldn’t settle. She was determined that they would be BFFs. Xenia however is completely traumatised and wants nothing to do with the dogs. Hopefully they will eventually sort it out among themselves. The good thing is none of them want to hurt each other, so that gives me hope for a successful animal integration.

Kahlua snoozes through our West Wing marathon.
Oh hai, Dad!
Buffers on her pillow mountain.
Trying to slurp the cat to death.
Xenia finds a perch the dogs where the dogs can’t reach her.

Wuff Time

I spent the weekend with my girls getting some quality time in. I just love them so much and can’t wait till I can have them with me every day again.

Looking the wrong way and about to bark off a warning to people on the footpath.

Little angels saying, “Don’t go mummy!”.

How can you resist these soulful eyes?

Scratch mah belleh!

Kahlua’s eyes are so human.

Little munchkin Buffers curls up in my cuddle-U.

Very fluffy and clean.

Puppy Update

Well, not so much of an update just a few pics I took today. Kahlua has had a bad ear infection for several months now, so her ear is constantly yucky looking. The vet thinks we’re finally getting the better of it now though, so hopefully it won’t be much longer till my biggest baby is back to normal.

Buff is the same as always. Silly, nutty and completely adorable.

Tiny tot.

So bored now!

A good shot to show perspective of how tiny the little one really is.

Puppies Galore

I miss my babies and wish I could see them more often. The naughty pair came over for visit this weekend and did cause some havoc, but isn’t that what puppies are for?

Buffy likes to burrow into the cushions – as captured below. The girls liked to cuddle up to their dad as well. Alec calls them “stalker dogs” because they don’t like us to be out of their sight. If I get off the couch to go to the kitchen, I turn around and there is one or both of them, at my heels looking up expectantly. Somewhat disturbing, somewhat cute. It’s hard to decide.

I met up with my parents to hand over my babies again. I really like walking the dogs here on a nice day like today.

Mum with baby Buffy. She is such a little micro dog.

Kahlua – my soul mate in doggy form.