Mother’s Day 2013

I don’t feel like I’m honest enough about how hard being a parent to a toddler is on a day-to-day basis. I post pretty pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and tweet cute or funny things that Eloise says or does. The reality is I love my baby girl with every ounce of my being – but some days are just. so. incredibly. hard. Physically exhausting. Mentally draining. Emotionally destroying. The good days and bad days mix with no rhyme or reason, and just when you think you’ve got everything under control and you’re in the clear, whammo, another bad day floors you to your knees.

I’m prefacing my post with this because Mother’s Day was one of those days. Alec went above and beyond to organise the perfect weekend for me. A cupcake from my favourite bakery. A surprise massage. Home-cooked lunch, and a surprise dinner at a vegan restaurant I’ve been dying to try. And then Eloise’s two-year molars started to come in – at least, that’s what we’re guessing is going on. Now we’re back to a whingy, not-sleeping, screaming bundle of toddler.

My Mother’s Day was filled with the humbling reminder that my enjoyment of life is – for the moment at least – highly dependant on the happiness of my child. Sad baby = no-one enjoys the day.

We still tried to make the most out of it. Got out in the sun, went to a few parks, had a wonderful dinner together after Eloise went to bed. It was not the Mother’s Day I would have wanted, but, then again, that’s not the toddler I was given.

So here are my carefully edited photos that tell a different story about my Mother’s Day.

20 takes later, this was the best shot. Notice she’s trying to escape?

Bounce up and down like an idiot, and eventually you’ll get a cranky toddler to smile

The other way to get an angry toddler to smile – let them do what they want. “Walk, walk walk!” You got it, baby!


First Mother’s Day, 2012

I have to admit I was insanely excited about my first mother’s day this year. Alec was so amazing and planned a gorgeous day out for us. We started with lunch at Cafe Blossom in the West Village, followed by a shopping trip to my fave store, Anthropologie, and then a walk home via the waterfront. Dinner, pizza and wine. Total bliss.

It also feels like a good day to reflect on how my life has changed since becoming a mother. Apart from the obvious (ummmm, I have a baby attached to me 24/7), I’ve been thinking a lot this week on how having a baby has changed me in more permanent ways. Hopefully for the better.

Three lessons I’ve learned from my 8mth baby girl:

1. Acceptance – everything happens when it happens. Or not. The amount of times I’ve missed things, been late, etc, because of a sleeping/needing to feed/needing to sleep but won’t sleep baby I just can’t count. I’m getting better at accepting that things are either meant to be or not, and to not get as hung up on my plans coming to fruition as I had wanted.
2. Unconditional love. I thought I had known this before Eloise came along, but I was wrong. The love I feel for this baby is all consuming. Pre baby – I didn’t want to give up my life/career/goals for a baby. Post baby – I’d do anything for her, don’t want to go back to work incase I miss a minute of her life, and have shelved all my goals in favour of the sole dream to see Eloise grow up and achieve her dreams.
3. Finding joy in the small things. Nothing makes Eloise laugh like playing silly games with her, and nothing makes me happier than hearing her tiny little laugh.

Mother’s day, 2012.

Mother’s Day!

My mum’s pretty great. I know I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mum, so I like to spoil her on Mother’s Day. This year I took my parents to lunch at my favourite local cafe, Not Bread Alone, and then went for a drive to Middle Head Harbour to check out the historical area and the amazing view.

It was perfect Sydney weather – stunning bright blue sky and amazing warm sun. We wandered around for a while, then checked out the nearby cafe, Burnt Orange. I had tried to book us in here for lunch, but it was booked out, so instead we went for afternoon tea when it was a bit quieter.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum!


Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day extravaganza rolled around again. We had an insane weekend – Star Trek Gold Class on Friday night with my parents, puppy play time on Saturday, driving to Newcastle for dinner with Alec’s dad on Saturday evening, followed by a full-on Sunday serving lunch to less fortunate people and then lunch for ourselves with Alec’s mum. We arrived home late Sunday evening, completely exhausted!

Mother’s Day

I love my mum a lot. She’s pretty awesome, so I was looking forward to spending the day with her and my dad.

We decided to go for a drive down to the Southern Highlands, to a few places we used to drive to frequently when I was young.

We had lunch at our first stop, Bowrel at The Grand Bar and Brasserie. The old hotel had a great vegetarian menu so it was perfect for me, as well as having lots of old favourites like fish and chips for my dad.

The damper garlic bread was divine.

My vege tasting plate – with broccoli tempura, honey carrots, sweet potato chips, asparagus and beans.

Mum’s vege omelette with tomato salsa.

Dad’s fish and chips.

The area had a lot of beautiful autumn trees. The colours were amazing!

Nina’s chocolate shop – lots of sweets from all over the world as well as these handmade chocolates – made in Sydney, and really delicious.

This was a really quirky antiques store.

After Bowrel we drove to Berrima which is about 15 mins away. Berrima is a bit more touristy than Bowrel but also has more galleries and cafes. I do love Bowrel though as it has amazing tulips in October every year.

We went to some markets at the public school in Berrima an came away with homemade food and second-hand books. Awesome bargains.

Afternoon tea in the Southern Highlands is always Devonshire tea. The alpaca centre has a great little cafe in it that looks quite plain from the outside but is really cosy on the inside. It also has really lovely scones.


With Mum.

Tasty caramel slice from the markets.

Yummu chocolates.