The Menagerie

The animals are totally nuts. Some days it feels like I’m living in a bad Cesar Milan episode. If only he would come and sort out the craziness for us … Still, they are super cute.


The Pooches Are Here!

The doggies moved in on the weekend – cue sleepless nights and animal chaos!

The girls went a bit nuts for a few hours, then Kahlua settled down, and Buffy continued to go nuts. Once she discovered the cat, she wouldn’t settle. She was determined that they would be BFFs. Xenia however is completely traumatised and wants nothing to do with the dogs. Hopefully they will eventually sort it out among themselves. The good thing is none of them want to hurt each other, so that gives me hope for a successful animal integration.

Kahlua snoozes through our West Wing marathon.
Oh hai, Dad!
Buffers on her pillow mountain.
Trying to slurp the cat to death.
Xenia finds a perch the dogs where the dogs can’t reach her.

Out and About, February

I’ve been a bit behind with blogging since we moved. Thankfully we have internet at home again now, so I’m back in the land of digital communication.

Jamie and Lisa’s Valentine’s Day Massacre party last weekend – it was 1920s themed.

Visiting Katia and her new little baby Jenson – so tiny and cute!
In the new house with the cat. Xenia loves to wrap her tail around things like our wrists or, in this case, Alec’s neck.

Xenia – Water Cat

Xenia is clearly a water cat. To save our sanity with her incessant meowing at the tap, we bought her her very own cat drinking fountain. As you can see by the video, she totally loves it. Can a cat explode if they drink too much water?

House Guest – Welcome Xenia

Alec and I ended up with an unexpected house guest who will be staying for most of the year. Xenia is Shelley’s Himalayan cat who was in need of a temporary home while Shelley and Eric are off in the UK.

She arrived on Saturday and it has been an interesting transition period for all of us! Xenia is so sweet natured and affectionate, she is a great little friend to have in the apartment. She does however has a persistent meow that keep going after dark. The first two nights we got little-to-no sleep. We bought Feliway, a cat pheromone that is meant to calm down cats, and locked her in the kitchen out of desperation at night. We found one of these worked – not sure if it’s one or the other, but she is definitely calming down and settling in. Last night I was only woken once by some meowing that only lasted a few minutes. I count that as success! Hopefully she will continue to feel more at home and stop the night-time singing.
She has a thing for drinking water out of the basin. I caught her doing this last night …
Close-up – look at that tongue!
Dissatisfied I turned off the tap.
Slurping off excess that sprayed on her nose. Very tidy.

It’s really nice coming home to a little person at night, especially since I’m usually alone a lot while waiting for Alec to get home from work or wake up on weekends. Alec is really enjoying having a little friend while he is up late working as well.